2016: The top-10 best podcasts of the year

I can go on and on about how 2016 has been a defining year for television, but in some ways, I think 2016 has also been a defining year for podcasts. Fueled by the stranger-than-fiction presidential election, podcasts became more than just a source of entertainment, they became a constant and fully-realized source of news and news analysis. And with the election of Donald Trump, I don’t think news podcasts are going away anytime soon.

It seems that everyone listens to a podcast or two or many now, which makes sense considering there is literally a podcast for every interest. I listen to a number of them on a daily basis that range from topics as broad as “politics” to as specific as a deep dive into the show “Mr. Robot”.

Out of the many shows I listened to this year, a few stood out above the rest.

Here are my favorite podcasts of 2016: Continue reading