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Who would win if I controlled the Oscars

If I controlled this year’s Oscars, the ballot would look quite different than it already looks. What follows is who I would nominate, as well as who I would pick to win the big prize (winners are in bold). Continue reading


All the Films I’ve Seen in 2014 Ranked Worst to Best

With over half the year over, I figured it was a good time to look back and reflect on how this year in film is going so far. While I haven’t seen all the films I’d hoped to see at this point (I’m lacking 22 Jump Street, Boyhood, and Godzilla, among many others), I’ve seen my fair share, and decided to rank them in order from worst to best. All in all, most of the films I’ve seen this year have exceeded my expectations, and they have only heightened my expectations for the rest of the films of 2014. Continue reading