Ranked: Every 2016 film I saw ranked worst to best

2016 gave us a bunch of mediocre films, and a handful of great films. While I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to compare the two, TV knocked Film out of the park in 2016. With that being said, there really are a few films that I truly loved from this past year. Continue reading


Who Could Star in a Remake of the Original Star Wars

With this past month bringing the announcements of the three directors taking on the Star Wars saga after J.J. Abrams releases Episode VII, it’s safe to say that Star Wars fever is alive and well. At this point though, most of the hype is speculation, which can actually be quite a bit of fun. My good friend Travis Clark recently wrote about who would be a good fit to direct Episode IX, a film that isn’t even coming out for another 5-6 years. What this goes to show is that Star Wars fans can’t help but guess and hope that their favorite industry personalities will take on the series that has been loved and obsessed over for decades.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Star Wars lately, especially with the announcement that one of my favorite directors, Rian Johnson, is directing Episode VIII. And while most of my thinking is focused on the future of the series, I recently thought about who would play the roles of the original Star Wars film if it were to be remade today. While I know that the film is a classic and will never be remade (hopefully…hands off, Disney), it’s a bit fun to speculate who would be playing who. Here is who I think would be perfect in the roles if A New Hope were being remade today. Continue reading