Who would win if I controlled the Oscars

If I controlled this year’s Oscars, the ballot would look quite different than it already looks. What follows is who I would nominate, as well as who I would pick to win the big prize (winners are in bold). Continue reading


6 Films That Could Make Great TV Shows

Remember when you first heard that Fargo was being turned into a miniseries? Remember thinking, “why?” Remember when you watched it and realized, “you know what, this is pretty good.” Well, you weren’t alone. Fargo went on to win Best Miniseries on Monday night’s Emmys, and now, as the television industry does (or any industry for that matter) when things go right, everyone is trying to catch up. This last week has brought news that TV shows based on Minority Report and Shutter Island are in development, which only means one thing–television series inspired by films are now a trend. Continue reading