Songs I Can’t Stop Listening to- “Terminal Romance” by Matt Mays & El Torpedo

The name Matt Mays may not ring a bell, but I assure you that if you give him a listen, you will not be disappointed. The Canadian rocker has been a part of a few bands over the past few years, and last year I got the joy of seeing him open up for one of my favorite bands, The Gaslight Anthem. I hadn’t listened to him or even heard of him before the concert, but his band’s performance was hands down one of the best I’ve ever seen live.

The band ended their set with an epic, emotional, unforgettable rendition of their song “Terminal Romance” off their album of the same name. It blew me away. The first thing I did when I got home from the concert was download the song from iTunes. And I haven’t been able to stop listening to it ever since. It’s a nearly 8 minute journey through a heartbreak, and while that may not be the best sale’s pitch, the anthem feel of the song makes it catchy enough to replay in your head over and over again. With lyrics like “Cause heartbreaks are uncurable/And I’m up all night/Stone-faced in New York City/Trying to set things right,” you feel like you’re following right along with the protagonist as he tries to get through the night.

“There ain’t nothing as dead as a dead romance/Nothing more alive than the city tonight.” Not only can you picture it, you can feel it. Check this song out, and while you’re at it, look the guy up on Spotify.


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